TGV FranceSuperb cuisine, historic cities, fine wines, architectural treasures, fine sandy beaches and glorious countryside – these are just some of the almost overwhelming number of wonderful holiday attractions that France offers the visitor. You might be traveling to >France to buy a property – so how do you get there?

The west of France has mild wet winters and cool summers with frequent intervals of rainfall. The climate in central France is different with hotter summers and cooler winters. November can be one of the best months to visit France as there are a lot of celebrations and festivities at this time of the year.

It is relatively straightforward to find accommodation in France. Gites, which are holiday cottages, can be hired at quite inexpensive prices. There are hotels to suit every budget both in the countryside and in towns. You may find that if you have a smattering of French this helps, as the French find it flattering that you have made an effort to speak their language. However, English is widely spoken. France is a diverse country with different regions offering their own cultures.

Getting to France by Train
Taking you direct from one major European city centre to another, Eurostar puts ease, convenience and pure pleasure back into travelling. On Eurostar you will enjoy excellent service and reliable, regular trains. With no long check-in queues or airport transfers, Eurostar can actually prove faster than flying – as well, you can see where you`re travelling as you go along.

You can leave from London St Pancras station or Ebbsfleet International station in Kent to travel directly to various French cities such as Calais, Paris, Avignon and Disneyland Resort, Paris. From the end of December to the beginning of April the Eurostar Ski Train travels to the French Alps.

Journey times were cut by up to 20 minutes when Eurostar moved to St Pancras International station in London in 2007. The new Ebbsfleet International station opened in 2007.

All major airports and most regional airports in the UK offer flights to France. You will need to check with the airport which French city they fly to, which could be Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux or Nice. Competition among airlines is fierce and you will almost certainly find a cheap flight to France by searching the internet or asking your travel agent. If your local airport does not fly to the area of France that you want to go, it is certain that you will not have to travel far in the UK to find an airport that does.

You can also experience the fast TGV trains across France – a wider network of these fast trains is being rolled out.  Following the inaugural TGV service between Paris and Lyon in 1981, the TGV network, centred on Paris, has expanded to connect cities across France and in adjacent countries. More details:

TGV to Avignon

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