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Arrived in France? Travel within France is excellent with its extensive autoroute and rail network. Here is an introduction to road and rail services in France.

Rail Passes and Discounts
Rail Europe is the world’s leading specialist in passes and point-to-point tickets for rail travel around Europe. With close links to European rail operators including SNCF, Eurostar, Deutsche Bahn, Elipsos, Artesia and Thalys. More details:

Take your car to south of France
‘Motorail’ services carry cars & motorbikes using car transporters attached to the train. Operating from May through to September, Rail Europe’s French Motorail service was aimed at travellers wishing to take their cars to the South of France and onwards with a minimum amount of driving.

Car Hire
After flights or train journeys you may wish to hire a car. There is a wide selection available at most airports and rail stations. You can book in advance (a simple Google search with list the top car hire companies. Companies such as HolidayAutos can offer good discounts if you book early.

France has a great network of Autoroutes(fast) and National Roads (slower). The autoroutes are toll roads and often only dual carriageways. Despite this out of season the traffic congestion is minimal, and travelling by this mode is fast. Watch out for speed limits – offenders can be fined on the spot. During July and August the autoroutes are crowded – especially the first few days of July and the last week of August when it can be gridlocked.

Autoroute Information
The best website for the latest information on autoroute conditions is (English Version):

* Real-Time Route Information
* Service Areas
* Weather
* Webcams
* How to Pay, etc.

Also try the Bison Futé site for similar information. Road and Rail services in France brought to you by Tickets to France.

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